Our Story

Inspired by a Buddhist flower, which is said to bloom only once every 3000 years, Udumbara symbolizes rarity and purity. Udumbara connotes a propelling desire to create exclusive style statements for its tribe while accentuating their personal attitude. Every customer of ours has the right to look their gorgeous best, feel comfortable in their statement outfits and make a stylish impression. Our clothing line is consciously designed to provide just that - premium fabrics, comfortable silhouettes and stylish designs. Comfortable silhouettes are integral to our designs. Our objective is to create beautiful, timeless clothing that seamlessly integrates into the chique lifestyle of our customers. We infuse global styles into premium quality fabrics available in India to create exclusive designs to make them bespoke.

What we stand for

Our desire for creating exclusive clothing is governed by our brand name - Udumabara which alludes - U [Unique] | D [Desirable] | U [Unapologetic] | M [Magnificent] | B [Bespoke] | A [Authentic] | R [Replete] | A [Aspirational] - to beautifully provide a stylish edge to all its customers. With the desire to create inspirational value of #Udumabarforme for our customers, we hope that we can provide them - Unique and Desirable value, Unapologetic and authentic styles, Magnificent silhouettes, Bespoke designs, Replete and comfort and Aspirational charm.

Our Philosophy

Every product complies to the highest ethical standards from start to end. We are dedicated to making apparel in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner, while also conserving traditional skills. We are committed to promoting fair trade values such as fair salaries, excellent working conditions, transparency, environmentally sound methods, and gender diversity.   

The Genesis

At Udumbara, we have a clear vision to create conscious clothing made in India that would allure our customers. It was conceptualized with a single minded proposition that everyone must feel beautiful and comfortable in their personal style statements. Our desire is to sincerely nurture and create an aspiring clothing brand.

We combine functional with beautiful. We focus on effortlessly stylish and versatile designs in premium-quality fabrics - cotton, khadi, organic and sustainable to provide consciousness to our designs.We are on a mission to make luxury fashion relatable and connect with people and the environment at large. 

As a woman-owned and women-run brand, we have personalized our own aspirations beyond femininity and are attempting to make premium stylish clothing available to aspiring individuals and redefine what it means to be people of substance. 

Going the conscious route

Our clothing is made with the highest ethical standards and carefully stitched with great attention to fit and detail by our expert craftsmen. We adhere to the simple approach to silhouettes with the most significance to comfort, offering a classic collection. 

Nothing feels better than skin friendly fabric - it's soft, it breathes and it feels just as good on your conscience as it does on your skin. It is wonderful for the environment too. We ensure that we're buying organic and sustainable fabrics from certified sources only.